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Tamba's Case Study

The Chronicles of Crafting "How to Take Over the World"


Setting the Stage

In a digital era where content is king, Tamba embarked on an epic quest to forge a digital bastion for "How to Take Over the World," a podcast that delves into the minds of history's greatest leaders.

This was no mere website; it was to be a confluence of history, strategy, and storytelling, a place where the ambitious come to learn from the past to shape the future

Act I

The Ascent – Vision and Strategy

Our journey began with a vision as bold as the leaders featured in Ben Wilson's captivating narratives. The objective was crystal clear: to craft a website that not only housed the podcast but also embodied the essence of historical prowess and the art of leadership. The target was an audience as diverse as history itself, from the curious mind to the seasoned entrepreneur, all who share a thirst for knowledge and success.

Act II

Trials and Triumphs – The Design Saga

The design crusade was laden with both triumphs and trials. Our valiant designers, armed with the latest UX armaments and UI craftsmanship, embarked on this ambitious task.

Integration of Spotify

A seamless experience for users to engage with the podcast directly on the platform.

Regal Aesthetics

A design that whispers tales of yore with a contemporary twist, using a palette that spoke of royalty and valour.

Responsive Storytelling

Designing a seamless transition between desktop and mobile environments.

Navigational Challenges

In the labyrinth of content, creating a user journey that was intuitive yet comprehensive was our Minotaur, one we ultimately tamed with grace.

Balancing Act

Juggling the richness of historical content with a clean, modern design required a tightrope walk of precision.


Rebirth – The Innovation Epoch

In the throes of creation, Tamba looked to the pioneers of the industry, drawing inspiration from many design masterpieces and came up with amazing results. We embraced new trends such as:


To create an engaging user journey, every click and scroll was infused with subtle animations that delighted and informed.

Art blends with AI

Providing depth and realism to the experience, making the tales of leaders more tangible with help of Midjourney.

Dark Mode Design

A trend that not only soothes the eyes but also brings content into the limelight, perfect for our historically rich theme.

Act Iv

The Zenith – Launch and Reception

With bated breath, we unveiled the digital realm to the world. The reception was akin to a coronation. Users flocked, as if to a digital round table, to immerse themselves in the sagas of bygone eras.

Live Project
Live Project


The Legacy Continues

Though our quest has reached a crescendo with the successful launch of the "How to Take Over the World" website, the tale does not end here. Tamba remains ever-vigilant, ready to adapt and evolve, just as history teaches us. We continue to listen, learn, and lead in the digital frontiers, with our eyes on the horizons of innovation and our hearts anchored in the timeless lessons of history.

Ben Wilson

”I'm very happy with our decision to work with Tamba on Hampton. We had literally hundreds of proposals, and Tamba stood out from the crowd. They paid attention to the details, delivered work quickly, and ensured we were on the same page throughout the project. It did not feel like working with an agency, but instead like working with our own team. I highly recommend Tamba!”

In this digital chronicle, Tamba has not only designed a website but has etched a legacy where the past empowers the future, a testament to the enduring power of great UX and UI design.


Brand Strategy, 
UX Design


Figma, Midjourney, ChatGPT, Webflow


UI UX Design, Development