Clean, Location-based Data to Elevate your Advertising Strategy.

See how Tamba helped build RainBarrel's product and website!


Product Design  Engineering, UX and UI Design


Figma, React JS, NodeJS, Snowflake DB


UX Research, UI Design, Full-Stack Engineering

What is RainBarrel?

RainBarrel is a proprietary Audience Graph built with commercially available geospatial data to help advertisers deliver their message to the right people. RainBarrel puts privacy first by removing personally identifiable information (PII) and linking identifiers to physical locations, rather than individuals.


UX and Wireframing
Creative Design
Full-Stack Engineering

Check out  the RainBarrel product

Tamba’s zero-clutter UX and no-nonsense UI makes RainBarrel’s Audience Directory a breeze for anyone:

Marketing industry professionals, corporate buyers, and even you…. Yes, you! Go ahead and give it a try!

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Designing solutions for real world problems!

We put together a future-friendly style guide in accordance with RainBarrel’s desired design direction. Check it out!

Style Guides









An adaptive UX

Collaboration + Process = Success: We worked hand-in-hand with the RainBarrel team to go from mood board to wireframe to interactive design. This ensured we were always on the same page, and also allowed us to discover and highlight core product features.


Built for Ease of Use: Our research indicated that this product needed to highly intuitive and super easy to use. It had to be clear to the user we are following all privacy policies to the letter: Every title, every paragraph, and every section was crafted to ensure this intuitive design.


But wait, there’s more!
Tamba built a modern, persona-specific,
and responsive website for RainBarrel

It's all responsive

Find our audiences right now in your DSP by brand, category and more

Build your custom audiences with flexible geofencing methods and add-ons

Take a look at RainBarrel’s Website

You might enjoy visiting RainBarrel’s website, especially if you’re a digital marketing whizz!

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Travis Reidlhuber,

Managing Director, RainBarrel.

"Tamba helped us take our vision and make it a reality. From the very first meeting they understood what we wanted to accomplish and guided us the rest of the way. Not only were we thrilled with the end result, but the team made the entire process from discovery to handoff enjoyable. We see Tamba as a valuable partner and hope to work with them again."

David Choi

Product Manager, RainBarrel.

“Tamba did an exceptional job taking our product vision to production. They took great care in ensuring that our specific needs were met and kept communication channels responsive and open throughout the build process. They are valued partners and I highly recommend their team for any web development.”