What we do

Product Studio: Guiding promising startups through user & market research, design & development, launch, and iterative post-launch support. A tried-and-tested model for launching successful, enduring digital products.

Web and Mobile Development:  Turning your vision into reality. Whether it’s end-to-end product development, or just lending a hand, Tamba is ready to take your digital capabilities to the next level.


How we do it


Our dedicated product managers imbed with your executive and product teams to thoroughly document your requirements.


Not just code and design! We help you understand your users using polls, interviews, and questionnaires.


We communicate obsessively with our clients to ensure consistent visibility. You see the product come together and provide iterative feedback.


Our experts share their experience in product design, development, & launch to ensure the lifecycle is injected with a healthy dose of strategy.

Talent and Culture:

We don’t stop at hiring the best talent – We understand the importance of a happy workplace.


A history of satisfied clients, beautiful products, and tried-and-tested process. 


Effortless integration with your existing team.

Plug and play

We invest in the most effective design, development, and communication tools. 

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