A private and highly vetted network for high-growth founders and CEOs.

What is Hampton?

Hampton is a private peer group for fast-growing and (often) high-profile startup CEOs and founders. Hampton is like executive coaching on steroids meets business group therapy.

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UX and UI design, web development


Figma, Webflow


Brand-consistent web design and development

Getting hands-on with the brand

Hampton had a well-defined brand vision. They wanted their website to reflect this. The brand evokes words like exclusive, premium, vintage, private, and ambitious. Tamba’s job was to reflect these feelings into design.

Where did we start?

We kicked-off with brainstorming, mood board exercises, and then moved to wireframes and design.

Advancing together

To get on the same page, we iterated broad design concepts in collaboration with Hampton; and we honed the design to a single, fine point.

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behind the scenes

See all the elements we built and considered to arrive at the final design

Client-centric process

We recognized that Hampton’s website is a crucial opportunity to educate, entice, and dazzle a potential member. That’s why we acted as Hampton’s design-team-for-hire.


Joe Speiser

Co-Founder, Hampton

I'm very happy with our decision to work with Tamba on Hampton. We had literally hundreds of proposals, and Tamba stood out from the crowd. They paid attention to the details, delivered work quickly, and ensured we were on the same page throughout the project. It did not feel like working with an agency, but instead like working with our own team. I highly recommend Tamba!

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Mobile enabled

Hampton’s target audience of entrepreneurs, founders, and CEO’s are always on the go. Tamba was especially attentive to the mobile-friendliness of Hampton’s website to ensure high-impact across devices.

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