Tamba’s Case Study


The platform breathes life into the daily practices of influential minds, inspiring users to sculpt their day with purpose

Background story

The Genesis of Routines.

Routines weaves the daily rituals of the greats into the fabric of everyday life. This narrative unfolds with Hamza J at the helm, a health aficionado and founder of Tamba, a fitness enthusiast and visionary, transformed his personal discipline into a global manifesto with Routines.

Workout. Eat. Sleep. Meditate. Run. Think. Create. Workout. Eat. Sleep. Meditate. Run. Think. Create.

Workout. Eat. Sleep. Meditate. Run. Think. Create. Workout. Eat. Sleep. Meditate. Run. Think. Create.

Crafting Routines

A Tapestry of Wellness and Creativity.

Tamba's journey in designing Routines began with minimalist wireframes, capturing the essence of wellness. Through intuitive evolution and user feedback, the design transformed into an elegant, user-friendly platform, harmoniously blending health-focused content with a serene and efficient user experience.

Getting into Shape

Journey of Design and 

In crafting Routines, Tamba innovatively blended ChatGPT's AI-driven content, Midjourney's creative visuals, and Webflow's dynamic development. This integration shaped an intuitive and visually striking UI/UX, making wellness routines engaging and accessible. This synergy of technology and design redefined the user experience in the wellness domain.

User-Centric Design

Combining streamlined navigation with a clean, minimalist aesthetic for an intuitive and engaging user experience, both on desktop and mobile.

Curated Wellness Insights

Handpicked content from experts, enriched with interactive elements for personalized routine building and community sharing.

Seamless Interactions

Integrating mobile optimization and interactive features for a dynamic, on-the-go experience in wellness learning and application.

Sculpting Insights

Content Strategy.

SEO lies at the core of Routines's content strategy. The content is crafted to be direct and user-friendly, which has been instrumental in achieving high search rankings for competitive keywords in the routines space.

Navigating Success

A Path of Innovation and Engagement

Routines's launch by Tamba marked a new era in digital wellness. Exceptional user engagement and consistent conversion growth highlighted the platform's intuitive appeal. Despite challenges like handling increased traffic and adding innovative features, the team skillfully utilized AI for data aggregation, creating a seamless and engaging user experience. This journey reflects Routines's commitment to evolving with its users, effortlessly blending technology and wellness.

Mastermind’s Thought

“Routines is more than just a platform; it's a revolution in personal development. We're setting the stage for a future where achieving your best self is not just possible, but inevitable. Here, every routine is a step towards greatness.”

Hamza Javed

Founder, Tamba and Routines.

Tamba has crafted more than just a website; they've built a legacy where heritage fuels progress, showcasing the transformative impact of exceptional UX and UI design.